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ryan putzke
Baghira + KXDocker Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ntesa 9 comments

How did you get the blurry icon label shadows like XP and OSX, I haven't figured out how to do this yet...
- Jun 02 2004
Inside graphite

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ThEOnE 3 comments


What do you use for your docker?? - May 13 2004
GTK-QT Theme Engine

GTK1 Themes by davidsansome 280 comments

This is prefect for unifying our Linux desktop. - Jan 02 2004
Snowbar (Linux)

Karamba & Superkaramba by bludy 10 comments

Looks really good and is much lighter on CPU than the docker style themes that zoom.

It's way to big for most of us though, I would say 1600x1200 is not the most common resolution!

Are you gonna do this without snow so it's more appropriate all year long?? - Dec 25 2003
my Deskop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by emc2 4 comments

Looks like you are running the knifty dec, with bagira style and crystal beta icons. hehe, I spend way too much time messing w/kde themes.

looks good! - Dec 23 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by stefano 169 comments

I got this working now that I spent a few hours with it. :)

I almost rewrote the entire osXBar.conf file to do it.

It works much faster when the borderTop variable is set lower. I don't know why or what this does, but it flies now.

Just a casual suggestion Stefano, try to make this quicker to get running, by including a small folder of icons, with a few commonly used progs, like Konq, Gaim, Xmms and the like. That way most users don't have to spend an hour tinkering before they see anything.

Thanks for the effort though, it works great when it works, but is a little unfreindly at first, thats all. :)

BTW Where could I learn to write SuperKaramba themes?? - Dec 15 2003
Xfce and Gdesklets

KDE Plasma Screenshots by virusbye 2 comments

Which xmms skin is that??

Looks good, doesn't have anything to do w/KDE though. :P - Dec 14 2003
Sparkling Screenshots

KDE Plasma Screenshots by flow 7 comments

I definately noticed the "symmetry" of the theme as you stated.

In fact I like themes like this, they are friendly and not so "unixy" Lets face it, fluxbox is not gonna make people wanna switch. :) - Dec 12 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by stefano 169 comments

Well the screenshots look great, but I have never got this even close to working?? - Dec 11 2003
Sparkling Screenshots

KDE Plasma Screenshots by flow 7 comments

I want these really bad. What windeco is that??

Are these made in GIMP?? - Dec 09 2003
Plastik, Glow and Lush

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Theremin 2 comments

Looks good! I like the glowing light for the mounted hard disks - Dec 09 2003
My Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by shexbeer 4 comments

It looks pretty good. You could clean up the icons to make it look a little neater.

What font is that ?? - Dec 08 2003
My Desk

KDE Plasma Screenshots by wolfhalen 4 comments

Hmm, unfortunately it looks like it's not possible in plastik. That is the Aqua OS K window border I am running there.

Like I said though, you really aren't missing much without the shadow. It just redraws funny, and you can't have them on all windows or it appears as an outline on the next desktop. - Dec 07 2003
My Desk

KDE Plasma Screenshots by wolfhalen 4 comments

The shadow under the window is located in the advanced tab under window decoration. It has selections for Windows style or OSX style. I must confess I turned it on just for the screenshot, don't usually like running them all the time!
- Dec 05 2003
Easy on the eyes

KDE Plasma Screenshots by doraemon 1 comment

Looks good.

You should make the icon text background transparent. Desktop Menu > Configure Desktop > Appearance Tab > Uncheck Radio button near Icon Text Background Color. - Dec 04 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by caspian 162 comments

Maybe I've missed something, but how do I set the limit for maximizing windows??

Also is there a way to add tooltip text, for users who don't know what my icons are for??

- Dec 02 2003