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Nov 13 2016
Ok, 'chromium' named link was added to pack, you can check updated version on github. - Dec 15 2016
Thanks for report.

I check it with Xubuntu 16.04 and can say that "chromium-browser" and "Thunar" are correct names. Of course, it can be changed in other distro because of maintainer team or application version. Can you please check desktop files ("icon" option to be exact) for mentioned applications? Usually its location is "/usr/share/applications". If you can confirm that icon names "chromium" and "thunar" are really used by your OS, then I will add this names as new links. - Dec 14 2016
Try to run in terminal
"python3 ~/.icons/ACYLS/scripts/" - Nov 14 2016

You should do several things:
* Install (just copy to be exact) ACYLS theme to your system.
* Launch configuration program and make color changes.
* Select ACYLS as icons theme for your DE.

At what step do you have trouble?

Also, visit github page, its readme and wiki may be useful. - Nov 14 2016
Requested icons for Xfce have been added. You can get updated theme on github. - Sep 03 2016
Thanks. Glad to know that it works ok outside of my system. - Aug 30 2016