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Jul 29 2015
The build in sound font has only a small piano sample. Please install a decent sound font and tell mscore the path via the configure dialog. - Sep 25 2008
Edit->PartList starts the part editor were you can change the instrument for every part. - Jan 25 2008
This is imho a principal problem. The fact is that all score editors _are_ different and therefore have a different file format. The MusicXML interchange format tries to solve this problem. But not all features are covered by MusicXML and not all MusicXML elements are supported by all programs (if at all). But hey, its open source! Thats your opportunity to implement all your favourite features in all score editors you care of! - Jan 24 2008
sorry for this late response but i do not regularly poll this forum. Please write to the mscore mailing list or mail me.
I would help a lot if you could be more specific in about what you do not like about mscore or what your suggestions are to make it a better program. - Dec 19 2007
should be work with current 0.7.0 version. Version 0.6.1 had this problem. - Sep 16 2007
The midi import crash is fixed in the current subversion head branch.
Maybe i will make a bugfix release this
weekend. - Jul 27 2007
you probably need to install the "tetex-extra" package - Jul 25 2007
yes, i know noteedit a little bit but never used it. The main difference between noteedit and mscore is that noteedit relies on lilypond to render the score and mscore does all the rendering on its own. The code is very different and the noteedit code ist hard to understand and not too well structured. That may be the reason why the noteedit sequel Canorus also starts with a new code base. - Jul 25 2007
try: "make clean" and then "make" again - Jul 25 2007
"print -> print to file" produces an pdf file - Apr 05 2007
I accidentally touched on of the source ui files with the qt4.3 designer. The modified file now compiles only with a qt4.3 beta. The new uploaded 0.5.1 release compiles again with qt4.2. - Mar 29 2007
1. 0.4 had a hardcoded default gui font; maybe thats the reason
2. yes, 0.4 requires a soundfont configurable in Edit->Preferences->Midi. The new Version 0.5 has a small build in sf for better first user experience
3. Trasnsport is disabled because no Soundfont is specified
4. The configuration dialog is found at Edit->Preferences
5. yes, no manuals but we are only at version 0.5 now

For bug reports, feature requests or any suggestions please contact me directly at ws at - Mar 28 2007