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Islamic based wallpapers

Wallpaper Other by Doug 20 comments

Here is a nice quote I picked up on the web site you have on your wallpaper (

"Never beat your wife like you are beating your slave girl"

Now with people THIS tolerant there is no reason we should be fearful of Islam! - Oct 26 2003
Karamba patched

Karamba & Superkaramba by donuthole 74 comments

Actually, ISO C++ requires you to use "#include <iostream>" instead of "#include <iostream.h>". - Apr 18 2003
Liquid look with window shadows

KDE Plasma Screenshots by jamers 3 comments

May I ask what font you are using for the menu bar?

And is it just me or is the font spacing just a little too wide on Linux/Freetype compared to MacOS/Windoze? - Aug 10 2002

Various Stuff by pure 6 comments

I vaguely remember there was a window decoration like this for KDE 1.1.2... but I may be wrong. - Jun 14 2002
Some Mac icons

KDE Plasma Screenshots by wth 8 comments

There are dozens of Mac icon websites on the net, and you could just query Google for "mac icons". Now you could have figured that out yourself, don't you think? is a good starting point. - Apr 30 2002
Some Mac icons

KDE Plasma Screenshots by wth 8 comments

some of the authors do not want their icons to be redistributed. They say "it's for personal use only". - Apr 30 2002