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Numix Blue (GTK2/3 + Cinnamon/Xfce)

GTK3/4 Themes by amorpher 14 comments

Great theme. Tonight I was looking for a theme and pick this one as my favorite. Minute later I saw that you updated it. I like the colors.In combination with Faience icons + Faience dark panels(changed Inherits=Faience-Azur) icons my XFCE is looking great. - Feb 13 2015

Wallpapers Ubuntu by golovich 2 comments

i like it ... but make it with higher resolutions ... - Feb 06 2009
[Cairo-Dock] Gnome-Colors Themes

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino 23 comments

can you , please, change the download site because uploader's account has reached its download limit on this one... - Feb 03 2009
9   Feb 13 2015