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Jul 26 2010
you are more than right =)

I have fixed it in the svn repository and in the tar.gz attached here.
Now an error messagebox is displayed and the application with a description of the problem

Thanks for pointing that out!

william - Jul 26 2010
have you installed libfftw3-dev?

If you have it, then there must be some error in the cmake module that detects FFTW3...

Let me know (so that I can fix it if needed)

Thanks and bye
William - Dec 29 2009
Thanks a lot to the guys who have made packages for K4Guitune!!

They will be helpful to many users!! - Dec 29 2009
Hi mityukov,
and neither my language!!

I'm not sure if the naming I have chosen is the best one.
Anyway this is what I mean
- the estimated frequency is the result of the estimation done on the audio input
- the estimated pitch is the actual note which is closest to the estimated frequency. It is the note shown in the bar

Maybe an example can make things clearer
For example, you are tuning the A string of a guitar (which is A2 --> 110.00 Hz) and you are quite close to the correct tuning. The estimated pitch will be 110.00 Hz (A2) and the estimated frequency will around this number. For example 109.75 Hz if the string is a little below the correct tuning.
When you turn the string knob to fasten it, the estimated frequency will increase and your goal is to have as close as possible to the estimated pitch

Hope this helped a little bit =)
William - Dec 29 2009

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Dec 29 2009

by rexi

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Dec 29 2009