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J Wood

Metacity Themes by daysofruin 50 comments

Just wanted to pass this along; I've used your theme and Daniel Fiore's elementary theme/icons to work up my own theme. It's nothing fancy; it's purposely stripped down and simple to be easy on my eyes. Don't know if I'll do anything at all with it -- this is the first one I've ever showed off. But your Lucidity theme helped a lot. - Mar 10 2010

VPN by cbg 22 comments

Man, this this makes my day. I use Hamachi for managing files for work, and absolutely needed something like this. For whatever reason, the terminal wouldn't let me connect to my work network, but your app does. It's also an incredibly clean looking piece of work.

So count me happy. - Aug 04 2007
nuoveXT 2

Full Icon Themes by saki 13 comments

NuoveXT was one of the most beautiful icon sets for KDE, I thought. For whatever reason, with the right colors and size icons, it's absolutely perfect for KDE. I've enjoyed your work in the past, and have been looking forward to this updated version.

But right now it doesn't quite feel done. The big standouts that I immediately saw were no new Konqueror, Amarok, Thunderbird, Kaffeine, Kicker, and some other buttons. Is this new set not quite finished? I'll be interested to see if there's more on the way.

I've never commented on here before, but made an account to comment. Please let us know if there's more on the way, or perhaps maybe one of us can combine the old Nuovext with the new one for a more complete KDE icon set. - Jul 28 2007