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JT Anderson Salt Lake City, United States of America
WiFi wireless signal strength in panel

Plasma 4 Extensions by raffaele181188 6 comments

I too had issues with the dialog installer, same as DenisSeidel, his command line option worked perfectly. This plasmoid is great, I have yet to see it display "not connected", which is what I got it for, but I guess that's good.

The only complaint that I have is more of a general "no good all around wireless management programs"(seriously, why can't the icon for wpa_gui change to display connection status? It's running all the time on my computer anyway)

Anyway, this completes a feature I've been sorely missing since my complete switch from Windows. Thanks for the great work! - May 01 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by panzi

May 01 2010
May 01 2010