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Bruno Buccolo
cleber_cg karamba theme

Karamba & Superkaramba by clebergomes 5 comments

Belo tema meu veio... A unica coisa q eu naum colocaria eh a versão do kernel e a do acho meio bobera fika mostrando essas coisas q naum mudam....o IP eu tbm tiraria ja q tenho roteador e o ip q eh pego eh o ip da rede e talz...
parabens... brasil ruleia - Jan 26 2006
Pardus Wallpaper - Hacker Emblem

Wallpaper Other by pinguar 3 comments

It's called The Glider, and it's not completely accepted as the "Hacker Emblem".... The humanity loves to adore symbols but hackers are unique and MANY people would use that symbol without being a REAL hacker (imagine those script kiddies...) and that's why it shouldn't be called the hacker emblem... they don't need symbols...

-bruno - Jan 26 2006
Orange Monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba by xbrunox 2 comments

^ done =D - Jan 25 2006