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Tomaz Lovrec Gornja Radgona, Slovenia
Monkey Studio IDE

Developers Apps by pasnox 9 comments

Confirming successful compiling and running of MKS on Slackware64 13.37 running Qt 4.7.2, only a slight issue with "make install", it stopped at plugin install when running "sudo make install", needed to su to root and run "make install" like that and it worked. - Aug 03 2011
Media Arhciver

Utilities by xfire 3 comments

On top of the List menu is a sub-menu Content controls, you add your media content there, but an media has to be selected.
Searching through media content is not yet available. - Jan 18 2008
Media Arhciver

Utilities by xfire 3 comments

Now I saw it, on the screenshot there is the app with the localized Slovenian language. The packages availible for download on are in English so you won't be confused.

I haven't yet included lingual translation files. - Jul 04 2007