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camp lear

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

This is a very nicely developed software and it performs great on my desktop. Thanks for the continued development and being a consistent contributor to the open source community. My contrats to this latest release of a wonderful product. - Apr 27 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by hammergom 4 comments

A great addition. Thanks.... - Apr 02 2007
Rainy Soundscape

System Sounds by drowe859 22 comments

I voted for and like the sound scheme. Only thing...IMHO the login/out files run a little long. But overall a very nice effort and thanks for sharing. - Apr 02 2007
Cold Plastic

GTK2 Themes by unforgivenII 13 comments

I'm fond of the look. Nice work. - Jun 25 2006
Dropline Nuovo!

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 29 comments

Download link for icon set is broken. - May 05 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by jarping 5 comments

Download Link is broken - Apr 30 2006
dArch KDE-Splash and GRUB-background

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by stimpy23 2 comments

It looks great on my box. Super theme! - Apr 22 2006

Wallpapers Arch by priyankmg 1 comment

The Link to this wallpaper is broken. - Apr 16 2006
dArch KDM

KDM3 Themes by stimpy23 15 comments

Great idea and it is a super image.
Thanks! - Apr 10 2006

KDM3 Themes by mPtTybOB 5 comments

I love it. Please will you post some more colors?? A KDE blue would be great! - Apr 05 2006
debian / ubuntu ice

Wallpapers Ubuntu by gas 7 comments

I really like this. It is different, has real imagination, and has a rich apperance. Congrats! - Jan 28 2006
Orange Monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba by xbrunox 2 comments

Can you post the wallpaper you are using in that screenshot please?? - Jan 24 2006
SnowIsh SVG & PNG

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 67 comments

I've been using this theme for the past couple of days and just had to come back and say how impressed I am with the look of your icons. Quite seriously, it really provides a great looking desktop environment. - Dec 27 2005
SnowIsh SVG & PNG

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 67 comments

You have made a huge leap forward with this release. Thanks for your work. - Dec 26 2005
Have you got a matching wallpaper? - Nov 03 2005
Debian Grid 01

Wallpapers Debian by gnrfan 3 comments

I really don't know what to say except thank you.
This is a perfect desktop image and it looks great. - Jun 23 2005

Wallpaper Other by blindspy 9 comments - May 28 2005
Ubuntu Wave

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Cybermagellan 4 comments

Could you please post a link to the original 'Blue" style? - May 18 2005
Kubuntu Package Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by philipacamaniac 18 comments

Thanks for this great service menu addition.
It is such a nice tweak and time-saver!

- May 10 2005
Etiquette Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by AndyFitz 49 comments

These are really looking great! You have made a huge amount of progess. I seriously love the set. Thanks so much and I look foward to seeing what you will be adding next. - Feb 13 2005

KDE Plasma Screenshots by RipK 2 comments

That is a really sweet theme!! Great work. - Sep 03 2004