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Humberto Fraga Fortaleza, Brazil
Inverted Blue

GTK2 Themes by xisberto 6 comments


I don't know a way to make the size of check/radio button change according to the font size. The default size is in the 18th line of the gtkrc file.

Open ~/.themes/InvertedBlue/gtk-2.0/gtkrc and change by yourself (that's GPL force ;).

If you know a theme that makes this size as you like, give me a link to it, so I could see if I can make the same.

The Metacity in the printscreen is the Inverted which comes by default. - Feb 20 2009
Inverted Blue

GTK2 Themes by xisberto 6 comments


It's the default effect of the engine variation. I've made a alteration to make the background color the same when the mouse is over and when it isn't over.

Hope it's better. - Feb 16 2009
Aurora Leopard Smooth

Metacity Themes by xisberto 3 comments

The theme is Gnome/HumanElephant Savane/Marine - Feb 13 2009