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Noatun Skins by Frank 5 comments

what a beautifull skin for ma noatun!

hey pal, thanks for ur work, its really nice that ball eye on da middle!! it has da eyes of ma gal, how nice can this be, i ill have ma gal always watching me :D - Jul 11 2002
Snes-Pad Skin for NoAtun

Noatun Skins by protoman 16 comments

just make an update if possible to dreamcast xbox ps2 or gamecube controls ill be nice - Jul 11 2002

Noatun Skins by Frank 8 comments

im here looking for skins for ma noatun, and ur skin is really cute ass ;D

"nao ha atum" ill love it :D - Jul 11 2002
Kde Passions Splash GREEN

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by bkeating 6 comments

well with ma favourite football team!

thanks ! its beautifult, its green its all i was looking for ;) - May 27 2002
europe_splash (KDE3 and kde2)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by toonmuylkens 20 comments

da ideia its good but just needs little more work on da design.

but even so i love it!

i can see ma house from here :) its on the most western point of europe!
yep u r rigth far far away from civilized world, but who cares, i hve beer and iv sun iv seaaaa.

Cabo da ROCA rocksss :D - May 27 2002