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Jose Galvez

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Sep 25 2009
the buttons play, forward , backward being white kinda don't work.
:/ it makes mp3 players look plain, like rhymbox it looks like the old "Gnome" icon set being white. - Sep 26 2009
My Slickness

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Sep 20 2009
i like it, and i dont like it.

the glossy and shiki-like dark and white theme works.
but the max min buttons doesn't quite fit there, they are opaque, and the theme is glossy.

also you have dropdownmenu, the HUGE highly it's too much if was more in style with progress bar, it too big. - Sep 20 2009

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by metak
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Sep 08 2009

banshee it's fixed, but some progress bars look like that.

i had to apply the panel backgrounds by myself but i guess thats a feature?.

i just looked the panels on GTK 2.0/Panel

it looks really good. - May 30 2009
the new one. the old one doesn't have that problem.

the though after a few reapply of the theme it's working fine now. - May 27 2009
for some reason the buttons disappear,
i have to replay no-name-jet everytime...
banshee still looks bad :(.
i will wait. liking the theme even more with each update. - May 27 2009
first weren't showing.
but i loaded new wave then no name jet and it worked.
but now bashee looks like this - May 26 2009