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martin freeman prg@cze, Czech Republic
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by Gentleman 187 comments

awesome! - Jul 31 2008
gnome magenta reek

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by xpsyska 2 comments

sry, for such a delay, i haven't checked gnome-look lately..

enjoy! - Jun 17 2008
Debian Linux, Lenny

Gnome Screenshots by beriii 3 comments

to se ceni, gratz!

btw ty screenlety, co je to zac (jmena/linx..)? - Feb 07 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes by jamboarder 3 comments

yeah, definetly! i like it too - you should mix another cocktail like this .) - Nov 09 2007
Dark Handsome

Compiz Themes by pox 2 comments

i like its simplicity.. much better than that vista-like stuff. thanx - Nov 09 2007

Metacity Themes by thekalabawfactor 7 comments

absolutely delicious :)

just one thing.. how's called that used font and where can i get it?

and what about the wallpaper? seems like it fits best.. - Oct 01 2007