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Gently Plasma Theme

Plasma Themes by l4k1 31 comments

I never update themes that I love because I scared for redesign releases that mix and change the configuration I already made for myself.
Today I didn't notice and accidentally update this theme and had a heart attack to figure the new design. I'm breaking my head over the last hour and half to back things back as they had to be. (I tried to install version from before two months before the redesign however It doens't work for me for some reason - probably cause I'm doing it wrong)

Right now I have 2 issues...
1. Icons on task manager got bigger without name. Even when I pinned them out they are still so massive...didn't find anywhere how to get them smaller + configure them to be icons+name of the application.
Old(sorry for blurry) :
Original :

2. Transparency doesn't work...even it does configured, using Thinkpad T480 Manjaro KDE Plasma Gently theme, Breeze application style
Reference :

Thanks ahead - Mar 13 2021