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GTK2 Themes by savyasachi 41 comments

Its just the same as SlikneeS? How can I get the effect (of the main menu) show in the screenshot? Thanks - Dec 18 2009
Oxygen Blend

GTK2 Themes by dabutorac 19 comments

Please consider add a "selected" status to buttons or other controls, for example, some glow.

I mean, if I use tab to navigate in a dialog box, it is not visible which button is currently selected. - Oct 24 2009
Oxygen Blend

GTK2 Themes by dabutorac 19 comments

1.About the addshortcut dialog background:
I have reported the exact same problem to the developer of SlicknesS theme (TheRob) and he fixed it by sacrifice some feature of the theme (which I think is not noticeable to users) I am sorry I don't know what he did as I am not a theme developer -- You might contact him directly

2. About firefox: I will retest on your latest version soon. And I also noticed that the selected background issue only occur in the url edit box of firefox, but not other edit boxes (e.g. the search box).

Finally thank you very much for swift fix! - Oct 24 2009
Oxygen Blend

GTK2 Themes by dabutorac 19 comments

This is a theme that merged the best of mac and kde oxygen style, and removed the part that I don't like in mac style (specifically the round buttons) I love it!

There are a few bugs and things I think could improve:

1) in firefox, if I hover on the toolbar, button background changes to a lighter gray, which seems like unfinished artwork.

2) in firefox, if I select the url, its font color changes to blue, but the natural way, I think, is to make the background blue (or whatever color) instead of keep it white.

3) the spinbox is broken, the button is not aligned well with the edit. (a spinbox is an edit box, with a up-down arrow beside it to let you adjust numeric values)

4) the add new shortcut to toolbar dialog box has some background repeated, clearly not the intended effect.

5) Finally, the only thing I don't like in this theme is the style of tabs, which does not seem to "blend" into the page it controls nicely.

Thank you! - Oct 22 2009
In memory

Wallpaper Other by wolf63 1 comment

I made a GDM theme from this bg. Thanks. - Jul 05 2009
Aqua Advanced

Metacity Themes
by bvc

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May 17 2009