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Daniel Grünwald
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Shuffle Playlist

VLC Extensions 17 comments

by Xrott
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Apr 17 2018
It seems like the option has been moved in some versions of VLC.
Maybe try "VLC → Extensions → Shuffle Playlist". - Oct 08 2018
I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip! - Apr 17 2018
Sorry, but I'm only making extensions that I want to use. The main reason being, it's a major pain in the ass to write them.

VLC extensions are completely underdeveloped, definitely underdocumented and in some ways even outright broken. - Dec 21 2015
Quick Save/Load Playlist

VLC Extensions

by Xrott
Score 63.3%
Aug 25 2018
Sounds sensible. If the change is not that long, you can just post it here as a new comment and I'll upload a new version. - Aug 21 2018
When saving, make sure not to pause the video while saving as VLC extensions can't access the currently playing media if there is nothing playing. - Jul 30 2018
Sorry, but could you elaborate a bit, please? What exactly are you trying to do? - May 27 2018