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Toni Kallio TURKU, Finland
Linux- A Drop of Hope

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Nice picture. - Mar 17 2009
Squirrel eating apple

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Picture is taken Turku City kids playing garden. We call it Seikkailupuisto.

This Squirrel eating apple over kids playing place. I was camera with me and it try to take picture and squirrel sitting there and eats. Kids noise wont bother it. So it was easy picture. - Dec 09 2008

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Nice picture indeed.

:) - Dec 03 2008
Sunset 1

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Picture was taken Järvelä. It is swimming place in Lieto.

I go there iceswimming when i have time. - Dec 02 2008
Candle picture at Christmas

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This picture taken by xmas few years ago. - Nov 25 2008