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Sep 08 2017
Thanks for the update, looks good now.

For the CPU usage it goes up if the gear animation is toggled ON, but then it stays up even if the animation is toggled back OFF.

Do you have the source code hosted anywhere, I would like to contribute some patches.

So far this is what I changed for my local copy:
1) In mani.qml increase the timer interval to 250 ms (increasing it to 1000 also works, but needs some more testing). will reduce the CPU load a bit.
2) Changed the calendar texture to accommodate full year display (2013 instead of 13).
3) Renamed the rectangles to give an indication of where they are used.

Thanks again for your work. - Aug 14 2013
5. I live in Montreal Canada, and the month that is displayed under the looking-glass is September although today is August 2nd. - Aug 02 2013
4. The CPU usage is a bit high as well. - Aug 01 2013
First, thanks for this really "smart" plasmoid. It is one of those rear software that one has fun discovering.

Now a few suggestions if I may.
1. For the moon texture, would it be possible to use the one from "Luna.svgz (Full Vector)", this one looks a lot cleaner.
2. Is it possible to make the earth show the day/night area when it is zoomed out?
3. There seems to be a small graphical corruption on the right side of the clock where the month display is.

Thank you. - Aug 01 2013
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Plasma 5 Clocks
by niceway

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9   Aug 01 2013