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lukas desk_op-let

Conky by lucky-luk 42 comments

Im somewhat of a linux noob too, after doing things wrong,and then getting them somewhat right, toying with permissions and having problems registering YAP, I ended up managing to get it running. I learned a lot as I went along but, the issue im having now is... I manage to get it running, put it in a new location... then I decide to right click on it and choose quit. And then... if I press the or the adesklets -d 8 --nautilus button I made on my panel bar it doesnt work anymore... I get nothing or little flashy bars on the left of the desktop and nothing... I spent about an hour trying to kill the process, rebooting, and at some point I pressed the and it worked again... only to break again upon quit... why it it doing this to me? - Feb 10 2010
Obsidian Cursors

Cursors by ECHM 34 comments

Installation was really a piece of cake on my linuxmint5 OS based off Ubuntu 8.04.
Start Menu - Preference - Appearance - Theme Tab. Install. Choose the file I downloaded here : Done!

Those are my very favorites cursors thanks - Feb 07 2010