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Yannou Yannosh Montreal-La-Cluse, France

Icon Sub-Sets by Yannou90 2 comments

Thanks for your comment
I work on it now I remake some icons I want some chikenux with a real personnality like firefox amarok or firestarter
If you want to change something on it you could use inkscape it's verry easy
Thanks and excuse my fr-english - Jun 10 2008

Wallpaper Other by Yannou90 2 comments

yes it's verry black but I do it for everybody who want to look my icons
I want to do a set for gnome and kde
Now I work on news wallpaper whith each chikenux there is one theme for one chikenux
Thank s for your comment
- Jun 10 2008

Vector Graphics by molumen2 8 comments

Inscape is the better with this I make MY theme:icons and wallpaper(Chikenux.01) - Jun 06 2008
Jul 15 2010