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Yann Bouan
I like the concept a lot - May 05 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

I'm the least artistique person ever and I have no taste but here are some suggestions:

-- I would make the lock on the locked folder yellow as the silver doesn't stand out much. Same with the exclamation point and the home folders.

-- I would make the stop sign more like a stop sign than a wrong way sign. Maybe by making it hexagonal.

-- I would work on this day and night so I can have full sparkling desktop instead of a 80% crystall desktop. :-) - Sep 01 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

I had not seen Sparkling updates in a long time. I thought you had quit on us.

This theme is awesome and should offer a great alternative to crystal once it is done.

Thank you so much for your work. - Sep 01 2004
SuperKaramba for MDK 10

Karamba & Superkaramba by bartosak 9 comments

Have they fixed the package for 10.0

I couldn't get it to work for Superkaramba in MDK 9.2 - May 17 2004
Folders with icons

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by melenas 29 comments

I think it is important to keep the notion of folder in the icon.
So you would need to make a folder icon with a smaller content sensitive icon in the bottom right corner.
Sort of like the picture folder icons we already have... - Apr 29 2004

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

The renaming of libraries was do to my stupidity not mandrake or amarok...
:) - Jan 10 2004

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

This is really cool. Way better than noatun (which I could never use)

It compiled fine under mdk9.2 except I had to link a few libraries from *.so.0 to *.so

The playlist is really usable but I really hope it merges some ideas from juk (or Yammi) which have really nice sorting by artist/album etc...

The search feature relies on file name and not id3tags :-(

Keep up the good work guys - Jan 10 2004
request for freeciv graphics

Various Stuff by hirisov 6 comments

I like the new 3d graphics.

Otherwise it could be funny to find some manga type drawings or (to make it kde like) some crystall based drawings :-) - Jan 07 2004

Office Apps by scribusdocs 61 comments

I totally agree on the KDE thing.

And would somekind of HTML import be possible? Maybe as a python plugin...
Or maybe I could import a PDF printed from the HTML...

It would just save me so much time - Jan 06 2004

Chat & Messenging by mattr 100 comments

I just wished I could have webcam and audio support.
If someone made these plugins I could throw away XP... - Jan 06 2004

Graphic Apps by ybouan 7 comments

Actually Digikam3 has one of these as a plugin but it is currently in RC1.

I would very much like to make it a kpart with a dcop interface in the near future.

>I prefer the command line
If you like the command line be my guess. But if I tell my wife "click on open terminal here and type ..." she just "ok...nevermind"

:-) - Jan 05 2004

Graphic Apps by ybouan 7 comments

Next version will feature rotate.
I really want to get EXIF support so orinetation information can be used to rotate. - Jan 03 2004
Haven't tried but sounds great.
Maybe we can have a tool for administration of samba users on LDAP database. - Jan 02 2004
K Man

Wallpaper Other by tihkal 1 comment

I won't use it because I prefer my background but I'm giving you a thumbs up for submitting a transparent png.
More backgrounds should be like this as it allows a lot more freedom for the user. - Jan 02 2004
Crystal GDM

KDM3 Themes by ybouan 18 comments

I used Xnest - Dec 22 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

of course this will be svg...

looks great
I hope you deliver :-) - Dec 04 2003
Crystal SVG

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 132 comments

I noticed that the there is a cool new addressbook icon but Kmail still uses theold one... (need to add an action icon?)

I like the look of the new sent-mail. When will you change the ugly loking inbox and outbox (they just don't fit with the rest...)

Otherwise great job. - Nov 28 2003
Linux friends transparent version

Wallpaper Other by Gmp 3 comments

so many wallpapers should follow your exemple.

transparent wallpapers are the way to go...

As for wallpapers being voted down I still think there should be an "all but wallpapers" option in the menu.
- Nov 04 2003
Is this possible? (rounded focus rect)

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by mriya3 5 comments

Someone asked this a while back.
I think the conclusion was that it required better transparency support from x...
But also that 3.2 will come with better looking tags (or was it 3.1)

I don't really care so I didn't follow to well but see the archives... - Oct 31 2003

Various Stuff by BLASTER 6 comments

I've been reading up on how to do kde native window decorations to make one that has this kind of look but with a BII concept (the top bar is reduced to the minimum possible width...) - Jun 14 2003
Tux bootsplash "BlackTux"

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by saltwater 29 comments

Can't wait...

I tried rhgb from rawhide but boot up just takes hours when it's installed.
For some reason it slows everything down
(as in really really really slow boot) - May 29 2003
Tux bootsplash "BlackTux"

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by saltwater 29 comments

Seems you made this for debian. Do you use the Suse kernel patch or the pre-alpha of rhgb or something else? - May 29 2003
XaraK - Sneak Preview

Icon Sub-Sets by meriksson 28 comments

Is it just me or those it seem that many new icon set projects are posted but few seem to get finnished?

Anyways I think it's cool.. keep working - May 19 2003
RedHat 9 BootSplash (FBConsole) Theme

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Gabolander 13 comments

just trying to check the cvs for rhgb.

the src/ directory seems to be gone and the other files are 4 months old...

looks like it's not very well maintained.

For the really impatient people I think I've seen websites explaining how to use the Suse kernel patch to boot in fb graphical mode.
There are also rpms provided for mdk but I think they work for RH.
(I wasn't brave enough to waste a day trying to get it working) - May 14 2003
OS X Brushed skin for MPlayer

Various Stuff by phantomas 4 comments

I love this.
That's what I've been looking for.
I have it for xmms and now mplayer...

The remote controle looks great.
The video window could be better.

One important note:
I'm going to replace the apples by penguins because as mentioned in the OSX icons discussion Apple doesn't really complain if the apple doesn't show.

And anyways. We have and love linux so let's import the good from other oses and not just make plain copies. - May 12 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by dave 245 comments

You should look at making them consistent:
It's always an icon on a white rectangle but sometimes the icon is centered and sometines it's on the left.
Some are smaller than others...

All in all it's great but I think that's an important detail to sort out. - Apr 16 2003
World Map GDM Theme

Various Stuff by ybouan 15 comments

Actually I might not have expressed myself appropriatly.
I did put all GTK apps in the GNOME packet.
GDM like GAIM only needs the GTK libraries (not GNOME).
(I only installed GNOME recently for testing purposes)

Sorry - Apr 02 2003
Crystal GDM

KDM3 Themes by ybouan 18 comments

...of this debate I would like to say I'm sorry to have offended some of you.

1) I checked out the TODO list on KDM and took a look at the source.
It seems that creating a fullscreen "GDM like" (that's what it says in the TODO) is on the list of things that would be nice to do.
I also noticed the KDM developpers seem to be working with GDM to have standard/common config files.
My hope is that this means GDM themes will be compatible with KDM some day.

2) After looking at the source I can't do it myself.

3) Judging by the quality of all KDE apps I'm sure KDM will come to surpass GDM.

4) Until someone does this I think it is reasonable for any eye-candy loving person to use GDM.
(if your reading this on KDE-LOOK than you are one)

5) This debate has already been debated on the worldmap GDM theme.
The conclusion I beleive was:
this is KDE related since it helps incorporate a widely used app into KDE (just like Geramik)

6)Thanks to all who supported this theme by downloading it and voting for it. :-) - Mar 27 2003
Fusion Desk

Wallpaper Other by dflax 6 comments

Very nice, but:

1)could you make the background transparent? This allows for different background blends to be used. I use this right now to get around the ocean blue wave which has flooded KDE.(I have a green blend).

2)I can take it of myself but I don't think the "icons for KDE"is necessary. I like my desktop not to look like a bildboard (in this case for theme/icon wars).

Peace... - Mar 17 2003
World Map GDM Theme

Various Stuff by ybouan 15 comments

I want to see your changes.
You can email me the new xml file and I'll put it up. - Mar 06 2003
World Map GDM Theme

Various Stuff by ybouan 15 comments

Not sure if that is possible but I will check. - Mar 05 2003
World Map GDM Theme

Various Stuff by ybouan 15 comments

Unfortunatly KDM is way behind GDM as far as visual appeal goes. I will check but it seems like all I could do is publish a wallpaper to set as background for KDM.

I use GDM and GNOME is not on my laptop: only the necessary libraries are installed. I think most people have these installed since I am told that KDE is the leading desktop and GAIM the leading messenger. There's got to be a lot of GNOME programs like GAIM running on KDE. (I personnaly prefer Kopete even though it is really unstable even in the latest release)

PS: donį¹« hesitate to bash my head if I say stupid things. I know I've got a lot to learn. - Mar 04 2003