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Luis Santander Santiago, Chile
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Karamba & Superkaramba
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Vibrant SVG

Icon Sub-Sets 34 comments

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Jul 11 2009
Thanks a lot man, I've been doing some more icons but haven't completed yet! And I also like dark themes! - Jan 02 2010
That's the idea! I'm going through my own desktop, trying to replace every menu item. Please help me out on which icons should have more priority! - Apr 02 2009
Yes, it was done in Ubuntu, however, I'm trying to get as many symlinks as possible to ensure compatibility. Please tell me if you find more issues on this release. - Mar 10 2009
Gracias! Seguiré trabajando en ésto :D
(Thanks, I'll keep working on this) - Apr 08 2006
Oh, it's quite easy. You can do it two ways:

1. Download the file and open your theme Preferences. Drag and drop the file onto the window and install it, then you can select it from the Theme Details window.

2. Download the file, unpackage it, move the resulting folder to your home directory, and put it under the .themes directory (note that the name starts with a dot, so it's a hidden folder), then select it from the Theme Details window in the Theme Preferences. - Apr 08 2006
Oh, sure! As soon as I get a decent hosting, I'll throw the sources in there, as well as some more content. Right now Vibrant is hosted at gnomelook, which has an upload size limit. Thanks for the interest. - Nov 22 2005
I agree with that, fixed it already. Please keep adding suggestions. - Oct 11 2005
fony xmms skin

XMMS Skins 4 comments

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Jul 11 2004
One of the greatest skins I've seen. I sum myself to the comments on the LCD, and add up something: It would work better with the minimize, maximize and close buttons. They're just mandatory, you know :D Anyway, one of the best. - Apr 16 2005

Wallpapers Gnome 3 comments

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Jun 15 2004
Excellent mix of materials. Looks pretty nice. - Apr 15 2005
Kwin Active Heart

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 18 comments

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Apr 24 2004
It says "Error: sintax error before '}' token" or something like that... maybe a mistake from mine? - Jun 24 2004
You've got to install kdelibs-devel first. I used to have the same problem in my Just-Running MDK10. Remember to point the configure to your KDE config dir, nor will install and none will be seen in the config panel. - Jun 24 2004
new theme idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 42 comments

by gg3po
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Jan 09 2004
Great job, it's one of the best things I have seen! I hope it will be done soon... Would you give it a name? - Jan 08 2004
Quanta+ icon

Icon Sub-Sets 10 comments

by luci
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Dec 16 2003
Don't worry. It's just you're trying to apply a single icon as a whole theme. It's only for assigning it for shortcuts, you can set it in the properties dialog. - Dec 29 2003
kde (splash it)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

by mfgeg
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Dec 29 2003
It looks great! I'll use it! - Dec 29 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba 8 comments

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Dec 12 2003
You're gonna release it for yourself as another one or update this one? I need to know. I don't know a bit on programming, but maybe I can help you a little on the graphics for yours. - Dec 17 2003
Nice! This is how these things work! Cooperation is the key...
About the icons, I thought once on making it bigger, but with my little desktop... I think I didn't thought on the others...
And thanks for the welcome! - Dec 13 2003
I would thank you. I'm really just starting up on this karamba thing. In fact, I've been a Linux user for just two months... so any help will be appreciated ^_^ - Dec 12 2003