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Mathieu Roy

Wallpaper Other by yeupou 3 comments

It does not.

It's « eyecandy for your kde-desktop ». - Mar 21 2006
Happy Grou

Wallpaper Other by yeupou 2 comments

Actually it is a simple "forester cat" (chat forestier, in French - Felis silvestris in latin), quite common in East of France/West Germany (this one comes from the surroundings of Strasbourg, in the countryside). In fact, his father was a strong "forester cat" (some kind of usual "european cat" but bigger, with more circle around the queue) and his mother a usual domestic cat (white and brown, marbled). You can get more details about "forester cat" there : (in French, though) - Jan 26 2006
Pardus Wallpaper - Classic IV

Wallpaper Other by pinguar 1 comment

It would be great when some anti-aliasing and bigger screen size. - Jan 26 2006