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Antonio Eklöf
Zafiro icons

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO 262 comments

Love the theme, but I wonder why there isn't an icon for Evince? An application that's pretty much always is included with any distro that's using GNOME. - Dec 20 2018

Gimp Splashes by x-varlesh-x 7 comments

Nice and clean splash image! Thx! :) - Oct 05 2017
Toolbox Icons like Photoshop

Gimp Themes by derinus 5 comments

Looks great! But, it seems like you've forgotten to include the pattern_stamp_tool.png file, so there's no icon for the perspective clone tool. ;) - Sep 09 2017
Iris Light

GTK3 Themes by Xylon 3 comments

This in in my opinion THE best theme for Gnome. Works just great with Gnome Shell 3.14. I just wish I could find a matching Gnome Shell theme. - Apr 24 2016