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Full Icon Themes 70 comments

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Oct 26 2011
Ok will check this later ;) - Sep 25 2009
It's only show up if you open an application like evolution.

I think? - Sep 25 2009
Thanks, hope you will enjoy the icon theme - May 31 2009
Will check that.
Thanks - May 31 2009
The link seems fine - May 31 2009
All icon themes you can install as systemwide.

open as root / su / sudo.extract the icons to /usr/share/icons/NAME_OF_ICONS - Nov 29 2008
Thats because this is a delete function, type something and the click it and you will see. - Nov 15 2008
Hi. I have done that - Nov 11 2008
Delete it from the folder
ClearlooksOSX/scalable/places here is the blue foot and also the ubuntu logo. - Nov 11 2008
Humm 2.6.27-7-generic
Have the folder like it should.
Is you installing the icons in the systemwide or in you home folder?

Much better
/usr/share/icons/<name of the icons>

Added a screenshot - Nov 11 2008
I use it on ubuntu 8.10.
What is not working? - Nov 05 2008
Well I'm not sure if I are going to keep working on this, fed-up on the the gnome devs are changing the icon names every f*** time.

Also the gnome ***still*** have serious issues on stuff that might force me in to using KDE instead. - Oct 26 2008
Thats funny. I use to have some other folders blue/grey, but then people said that they did not like them... so.
How to pleasure them all ;) - Sep 22 2008
Hehe yeah right. Simply don't use the icons.

Anyhow it's only part of the icons that are from the OSX icon theme found here at gnome-look - Sep 17 2008
Thats funny. I use to have some other folders blue/grey, but then people said that they did not like them... so.
How to pleasure them all ;) - Apr 23 2008
Well if the site owner wants me to remove it.. then I will. - Apr 21 2008
Ok.. - Apr 20 2008
well, yes I do agree. Still this icon theme is not only OSX. it's more of a mix of all kinds of icon themes.

Anyhow. yes the linux world need a good icon setting, not like the ubuntu or redhat etc,etc - Apr 19 2008
In time in time :) - Apr 04 2008
Ah you mean the ms-office icons from the mac version.

You can always remove them, they are in:
ClearlooksOSX/scalable/apps - Mar 31 2008
Thats because the start-here icon you are using is to small, use a bigger one.

Use the same size I use for the start-here icon, or an svg.

I use 128x128.png

- Nov 29 2007
Have no idea of what have happened. Will fix it ASAP - Nov 27 2007
If you like to have it systemwide then extract the "ClearlooksOSX_cursor.tar.bz2" to the "/usr/share/icons/ClearlooksOSX"

Or to your home folder ~/.icons - Nov 23 2007
ClearlooksOSX_2.20-6 - Nov 17 2007
Replace the "start-here.png" file. in the ClearlooksOSX/scalable/places/

I also added one. Save the preview and replace it, if you like. - Nov 14 2007
You will find the ubuntu icons in:
ClearlooksOSX/scalable/places - Nov 14 2007
Humm maybe. I like this folder icon, but you never know what the future have in store :) - Nov 11 2007

GDM Themes 1 comment

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Jan 08 2009
But.. I think it's better if you have the %h (hostname) in the label section.

Instead of the name of the gdm theme, more universal. - Jan 13 2009
Multi Distro GDM

GDM Themes 11 comments

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Apr 18 2007
Don't worry about it, it's fixed I removed the text. - Apr 23 2007
You don't happen to have the box_ubuntu.png img without the welcome to ubuntu linux text?

I would change my screen to have the welcome label from gdm, instead of hard coded in to the img.

//Mike - Apr 22 2007