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josh williams tucson, United States of America
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by yoshu
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Feb 27 2008
Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. Yes, I am still working on this project. Slowly but surely.

I haven't decided if I will release the SVGs yet, I probably will, but I haven't made up my mind one way or the other. - Feb 27 2008

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by yoshu
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Mar 04 2007
Thanks for the all the nice comments, they are very much appreciated. I'm working hard to get a beta version out for everyone - hopefully sometime this summer - but I have to pay the bills too.

I'm planning on including open office application icons and a gnome version also.

- Mar 13 2007

Full Icon Themes 2 comments

by yoshu
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Jan 06 2007
Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate the input. I agree with you that a lot of themes look like crap at small sizes and I'm really trying to avoid this. I'm planning on making a different set of arrows (or possibly a modified version) for 16X16 to increase it's usability at small sizes.

It might end up being something like crystal SVG - how the arrows don't have buttons, but I haven't started working on them yet. I just wanted to get these out here to see what people thought.

Thanks again! - Jan 10 2007