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Johan ram

Full Icon Themes by tuxkernel 9 comments

Hi Tuxkernel

Thank you very much for this beautiful icon theme.
It goes perfectly with cinnamon's Void theme in my opinion :)

I'm just encountering an issue with this theme and Dropbox startup :

When I try to launch Dropbox while using Alienware-invader, I get the following warning :

[...@localhost ~]$ dropbox start
Starting Dropbox..
(dropbox:4348): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme directory scalable/devices/ scalable/emblems of theme Alienware-Invader has no size field

This warning actually prevent Dropbox to launch: Dropbox work flawlessly when I use any other default icon theme but won't launch at all when I use Alienware. I tried to start Dropbox with an other icon theme then change to Alienware, it worked but Dropbox didn't start after the next reboot ...

Would it be possible to modify the theme so that both files involved (scalable/devices/ and scalable/emblems) have "size field" ? Or would you know about any way to work around such a problem ?

Thanks in advance !
- Nov 05 2014