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Benni K
KDE 3.3 Konquered Earth Splash-screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by arcisz 15 comments

It's clearly the best splash screen around.

It should be made the KDE 3.3 default splash screen, it is much better than the boring standard one. - Jul 28 2004
My windows-user-shocking desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Ypsilon 6 comments

That's no color scheme I downloadet anywhere, all colors are adjusted by myself.
But I could make a color scheme of it and upload it here if someone's interested.

Ypsilon - Jan 20 2003
My great KDE 3.1 Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Ypsilon 12 comments

..called "Grey Matrix".

I've just added a more detailed description.

Ypsilon - Sep 18 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by ian 22 comments

could you tell me how to pull keramik from CVS?

I've never downloadet something from CVS...

I really love that style ;-) - Mar 30 2002
busy disc

Various Stuff by a8603365 5 comments

I don't know whether that's just the case with SuSE 7.3,
but I copied the files to /opt/kde2/share/apps/kicker/pics/ and now it works with my KDE 2.2.2!

I like it :-) - Mar 23 2002

Wallpaper Other by SaDeron 4 comments

LOL - Mar 15 2002
...if more different looking mouse mointers were created,
maybe one like the pointer from Enlightenment, but cleaner or other stylish creations!!

That's what I think what would make KDE look absolutely perfect. - Feb 16 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by ThePlaidRanger 3 comments

But i would use a more eye-friendly font and color for the text at the bottom.

And if you want this as a splash screen, just open it with Gimp and scale it to the size you need - so you have a splash screen! ;-) - Feb 13 2002

Wallpaper Other by logixtek 11 comments

Looks very professional an clean, I like it!

Thats the quality we need at - Feb 11 2002
3D No More

Ice-WM Themes by elephant 7 comments doesn't look good with my colors.

It would be perfect if you were able to change the colors of the titlebar an the window border. - Jan 10 2002