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TuneIn Radio

VLC Internet Channels by diegofn 70 comments

Hi everyone, I was struggling with the tuneIn plugin. Luckily after finagling around with it, I finally got it. Here's how you make it work. You will need, need! A lua editing program, I strongly suggest you get lua edit google search it and you'll find it. Notepad, as well if you are blind, you won't be able to make out anything in lua edit! it is important you open the .lua extention in your notepad. You want this area of wording. "user" "password" both are one line above or below another respectively. I know what you are thinking... I'll just write my username in my notepad application. It... won't... work! I have tried. So take that line of coding with you, and do the following in lua edit. go to find and replace, have your tune in.lua opened in lua edit. find the text "user" hit enter. hit escape. go to find and replace, your right where you need to be for the line of coding, if you are using NVDA, it will only say pain. so you'll have to go with these instructions or get a sited eye at this point. Just stick with me and you'll have this plugin working. you hit enter on quick replace? good, hit tab then type your own username inside where the user was. something like this. "purplefreak" leave the __username__ alone. now for the password, just do the same thing as your username, don't forget the find in lua edit look up "password" hit enter, escape, find replace again, quick replace, tab, then type your code in the "" field. Once you are all done, you just need to hit alt f4 if you are blind, or just click if you are sited. hit enter, the program is going to prompt you into saving, but won't tell you if you are blind, just check your results with your computers notepad. if you did it right, it will look like this. "yourusername" after the __username__ field. "yourpassword" under the __password__ field. if it turned out like this, you are good. put radiotime and the other playlist file inside the playlist, and pop the tunein.lua plugin inside the lua sd folder. check the readme. and if you are confused at any point, send a message down. - Aug 29 2018