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Xuni Zabu
Facebook Fixed

Plasma 4 Extensions by Danmaster23 3 comments

on the one hand i can only say great job, you solved that problem. Thumb up.

(Sorry I have no clue how to program)

Following situation:

I have your Facebook applet on my laptop - I love it - but always when i go to the library to work for school my desktop does not appearer - i have a black screen, but i can start via alt + F2 every program I want.

Reason: Now it waits until there is a ping to the internet (well to google ;) )

But at the library I don't have wireless, so it blocks my pc... :(

With my Desktop-PC it works perfectly, but if there is no network, i have a problem... - Mar 01 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions by nferenc 32 comments

Wow, thank you

Works perfectly !! - Oct 16 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by nferenc 32 comments

it works great on my kubuntu - till I reboot, then it's only a blank widget.

richtclick --> reload don't work either.
:-( - Oct 09 2009