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Doug Stewart
Karamba SuSE RPM 0.32b (superkaramba)

Karamba & Superkaramba by sourcexx 43 comments

I, too would much appreciate a RedHat 9 rpm. I'm still stuck at .17 for lack of a better RPM. *sigh* - May 13 2003
SuperKaramba Mandrake 9.1 RPM

Karamba & Superkaramba by ageitgey 28 comments

Once you've built a new RH9 RPM, mind releasing it here on the Look? I'd appreciate it mightily. - May 09 2003
peace pigeon

Icon Sub-Sets by emumania 17 comments

Nice to see the Cheryl "The best way to solve problems is not to have enemies" Crow brigade can make submissions here too.

Enjoy your "bad" votes. I'd like to see your expression once we liberate Baghdad and Saddam "I drop political prisoners in vats of acid for entertainment" Hussein's head is on a pike outside one of his palaces. - Feb 27 2003
Smooth Penguin

Wallpaper Other by LimeFrog 5 comments

Perhaps you could add some additional ones with different colored backgrounds and mid-stripe. (i.e., a blue background with an orange mid-stripe, etc.) Would add dramatically to the "pop" of the background, IMNSHO. - Nov 07 2002
KDE Ownage

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Deviant 2 comments

...Domo Kun? Huh? How does that contribute to "KDE Ownage"?

You're not a Farker, are you? - Oct 17 2002
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 385 comments

Before you tar up a release to distribute, please delete all .xvpics directories. They needlessly add to the size of your download and make the process of downloading and extracting more fo a pain.

Thanks. - Sep 25 2002
BeOS Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by touqueguy 13 comments

I'd love to see the rest of the icons on that page converted over. They look absolutely phenomenal!

Thanks for the initial effort, as well. - Aug 27 2002
Crystal Redhat Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by SeanParsons 12 comments

As seen above, a blue gradient background would be nice, as the red simply seems to make me angry. *grin* - Jul 10 2002
Spiderman Boot-Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Devilz 4 comments

If you're using the default 7.3 install, it uses GRUB, not lilo, thus, no .cfg.

Check out your /etc/grub.conf and look at the "splashimage=" line. - Jun 03 2002
Addons to Markus' Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by xinman 5 comments

It runs great, as does the recent Jedi Knight II.

Sweet. - May 17 2002