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TV & Streaming 29 comments

by zanoi
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Nov 26 2010
Great. I have now added "Make it possible to change channel names" to the Videocatcher roadmap at - Apr 08 2011
Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I'm currently too busy to work on Videocatcher, but adding feed icons is one of the top items on my list of stuff to add. I'm not so sure about feed settings though, since I'm trying to avoid unnecessary settings and popup dialogs. So except for changing the feed name and maybe URL I don't think there are any feed settings to change. - Apr 08 2011
Unfortunately the toolbutton didn't make it into the release. I implemented it but it has lots of user-friendliness issues. - Oct 08 2010
Channel list context menu support is now in the Videocatcher repository and will be part of the next release.

Regarding channel list sorting, I figured out you probably mean more than the sorting that is already supported in the episode list. You want to be able to create a custom order for the channels. I will have a look at how hard it is to support that. - Sep 22 2010
So you mean a download toolbar button which when held down has a drop down box that lets you choose between downloading and streaming? That's a good idea. I will probably add it to the next version.

I've been planning a context menu in the channels list for a long time but never got around to doing. I will add one in the next version as well.

I agree that channel list sorting would be nice. I just implemented channel sorting to test it. Unfortunately it puts an extra bar on top of the channel list and the only new functionality one gets it to be able to have the channel list in reverse alphabetical order. So I can't quite decide whether I should add it or not.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late answer, I've been without Internet for a while! - Sep 22 2010
There is a toolbutton already :) - Aug 31 2010
Thanks for the feedback!

There should be a "Stream Episode" button to the far right of the toolbar. I also think it should be next to the download button, but unfortunately whether streaming works or not really depends on which program you are using for playback. With Dragon Player (the default) streaming often doesn't work, with VLC it's great. I don't want people to click the stream button and then think my program doesn't work :)

So the stream button is there, but the download button is much more visible and currently that's the best solution I think.

If you have any better ideas feel free to tell me :) - Aug 31 2010
I'm glad you like it. I will have a look at how much work it is to support iTunes or Miro links. - Aug 13 2010
Good question. I wanted to create a videocast client where the user can download videos and then play them with his favourite video player. I didn't want to create another bad media player but instead focus on doing one thing (downloading videos) well.

Back when Miro forced me to use it's built in media player I had lots of critical problems with the player, which made it almost impossible to use Miro.

Now that I have the external playback I'm thinking about maybe adding Phonon support as an option, but currently have other things that have higher priority... - Jul 06 2010
I have fixed the problem. The fix will be in the next release. - May 10 2010
Thanks for the bug report! I think this is an issue with the library I use to parse the feeds. Will try to fix it. - May 09 2010
I tried compiling Videocatcher on a fresh version of Kubuntu 10.04 Beta 2 and it worked fine.

Interesting that you're using it as a podcast client. I'm using it as a podcast client as well but I mainly had video feeds in mind while developing it. Maybe I should change that. - Apr 21 2010
Hi, great to hear that you like it. Strange that it doesn't work. I'm on lucid as well and it works fine for me. Is there any error message at all? - Apr 21 2010
That's a shame. Would be a waste to not have it developed any more :-( That Miro didn't use an external application to play videos was a major annoyance to me, especially when I for a while had no sound with Miro's internal player. The Unixy "do one thing well" is exactly what I'm planning with Videocatcher :-) - Mar 14 2010
Unfortunately there is no Youtube support yet since Youtube doesn't support RSS. I hope to be adding Youtube support later at some point though. - Mar 14 2010
KatchTV is incredibly more feature complete! Videocatcher currently doesn't really have any features at all :-) Err yes, there's quite a lot of overlap. Not completely the same though. Unfortunately I'm not really a Python guy, but I'll have a look at the KatchTV code. Are you planning to continue KatchTV development in the future? - Mar 13 2010

TV & Streaming 81 comments

by jel
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Feb 18 2009
This program has an amazing number of features. Unfortunately it required python-kde3 bindings and since they aren't available anymore in Kubuntu I could only run it in Kubuntu Jaunty KDE3 Remix. I also tried to remove its KDE3 dependencies but that was too much work, especially since I never programmed in KDE3. It's a bit of a shame that such a featureful program won't run anymore as KDE3 is phased out. I might be able to take some inspiration from it for Videocatcher though. - Apr 25 2010

Various KDE Stuff 3 comments

by Seli
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Mar 25 2011
This program is amazing! I have no idea about packaging but now have a package for every distribution :-) Thanks. - Mar 17 2010
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May 12 2012
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May 12 2012

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by daveyboy

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May 12 2012
Service Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions
by mbleichner

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May 12 2012
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May 12 2012
Tux World New

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by sanzoy

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May 12 2012

Various KDE Stuff
by Seli

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Mar 16 2010