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Apr 24 2020
did you reboot/relogin after you installed these modules?
- Jun 09 2020
v3.0 requires qt-webview (qml-module-qtwebview for ubuntu) and qt-localstorage (qml-module-qtquick-localstorage for ubuntu) modules (name can differ for different OS). - Jun 08 2020
Google API provides access to authenticated users only. You just can't use the API if you are not logged in.
After you logged in, you are searching in all videos on YouTube. And you still may have some restrictions, like "This video can be viewed on YouTube only". - Mar 10 2020
Well, the "watch next" video, provided by Youtube is not clickable, that's true. It's not a bug, it's a feature :)
Search bar shows the result of your search (or your "stored" channels/videos).

I find out that starting from some QT version, plasmatube v3. is not working, because Webview require initialization, and it's impossible to do it in pure QML. I'll try to figure out something about it (maybe a temporary regression to Webkit with all issues that it has before). - Mar 10 2020
I don't use Manjaro and I have no idea how to update to 19.0.3 (the lastest stable release is 19.0.2 now). Just launched in virtual machine, v 2.8.2 is functional.
Can you copy/paste your system information, please? KDE Plasma version, KDE Frameworks version and QT version. - Mar 09 2020
Hello Python!
I just added a new version of PlasmaTube. Now it has folders, but honestly it's not user-friendly how you should manage them now. To be able to do it properly, I need to use a normal DB to store folders/playlists, so in version 3.0 I'll add several new dependencies on qt-modules (so it might not work for someone :( ) and refactor playlists/folders. If you have ideas/suggestions, it's a good time to write them down :) - Sep 20 2019
Yeah, maybe it's a good idea.
Can you confirm that you have an option "Pinned by default" in settings? If you don't have one, I'm afraid you have an old version. - Dec 14 2018
I added new screenshot (last one). Please check, if you have the same pin icon, as I have on screenshot in the bottom right corner.

Hint: It's not blue if it's not active. :) - Dec 11 2018
Hi.... Actually there is a pin button for this, it's in bottom right corner of window, when search panel is active. Should I move it to some other place? (where? I didn't find a better one, but I'm not a good designer :) - Dec 06 2018
Try to install gstreamer1.0-libav - Nov 15 2018
Did you add some channels before? Try to search comething, than right click on "channel" or "playlist" and click "add".

Check the third screenshot to see the example.
- Oct 19 2018
Hi... can you provide a short instruction for other OpenSUSE users to help them solve this problem? - Sep 28 2018
Please, test if your Konqueror can play YouTube video. Firefox/Chromium doesn't use qt-webkit, but Konqueror (and Plasmatube) does. So, if you are missing some configuration/modules in you Qt, Firefox/Chromium still could be able to play video.

PS: I've added "Troubleshooting" section in a description, hope it would help someone in future :)
- Sep 28 2018
I took me just one year to update the widget, but finally it has pin option :) Please, update and test it. - Sep 27 2018
Hi.... New version of widget have this feature. Please, update and test.

PS: thanks for the idea! :) - Sep 27 2018
Widget updated, Pin option added, please test and leave your feedback. - Sep 27 2018
well, your system should be capable of playing video, that's for sure. I'm not familiar with Arch, so I can't tell you what exactly you should do, but you can open konqueror and try to play some youtube video or try to search related issues for Arch. - Aug 11 2018
Firefox is a very good program, I'm glad you like it :) - Jun 18 2018
Yeah, I'm afraid "open links" feature is impossible for now, but It's a good idea to receive links by drag and drop action. I'll think about it, thank you :) - May 28 2018
Do you mean a pin for a widget in a panel? Hmmm... good idea, I'll try to do it :)
- Sep 24 2017
Oh, man, I should somehow change email, linked to this account :( It`s so unconfortable to read comments on the website only :( I just see your comment, sorry. But as far as I understood problem already fixed.
- Mar 17 2017
Thank you for your testing, but I can`t see the video (video is unavailable (c) youtube). Anyway, I know about some strange behavior with panels, but as usual there is no time for it in the end of the year :) I`ll try to fix it in january. :) Wish you a merry Christmas :) - Dec 23 2016
afaik in plasma 5 you can access settings using long click on plasmoid border
- Nov 16 2016
Version 2.2 just released, I tried to implement almost all the features you wanted, so you are welcome to test it :)
Language preferences, sharing link/button and recommended videos are in the roadmap, will try to implement it in future releases. - Sep 20 2016
Oh.... :) You have a lot of ideas, thats good, I like it. Will try to implement all these features, except colors. I think it`s not a good practice to set up colors in each individual application, so, new release follows the rules and uses current theme colors.

Thanks for your ideas and testing plasmatube :) - Sep 17 2016
Plasmatube 2.0 released, you can configure channels presets and, I believe, you can configure different presets for different activities, or for even different instance of widget at the same desktop. I didn`t test it hard, but it should work :) - Sep 15 2016
Yeah, second version of plasmoid is in development now, I`ll try to add these features for you :) - Sep 12 2016
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