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Flavio Flavio Carrara De Capua
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by GameManK 7 comments

Currently, you may include folders instead of figures; that is a solution for your second point.

I would include a 5th point, that those folders could be scanned recursively.

Great 3rd point: first time I saw that on OS X, I got amazed.

I want also note that some application GUIs (Firefox for example) simply FREEZE for some painfull seconds everytime a background changes. Hopefully there's someone fixing and improving this stuff for KDE4. Why not move this topic to KDE4 Brainstorm? - Jun 29 2006
Kim (Kde Image Menu)

Graphic Apps by cbouveyron 197 comments

When converting from EPS to any other format, looses too much of resolution. Could it have a resolution option? Nice app. Thanks, Z. - May 29 2006

Utilities by Zarahk 5 comments

Thank you, then. I'll stick to GPL. It's a very simple script, but I'm the author of the idea. - Feb 03 2006

Utilities by Zarahk 5 comments

Sorry, I don't know much about licenses... I believe it should be GPL, since my file is just a shell script. Correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't this all about open sources? :) - Feb 02 2006
(knewsticker applet) arrow be gone

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ja-el 2 comments

I didn't understand the instructions as well. It seems to be a wonderfull patch, though. Is there a way to have the border-be-gone to?? I use a black background and the white border is quite anoying. Please be more specific about installation. - Feb 01 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by imaster 3 comments

...but how to install it? Is it good for kweather? - Jan 31 2006