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Mike H
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Plymouth Stargate

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Jan 15 2011
unfortunately the time its on screen for is related to how long it takes your machine to boot.. obviously very fast machine ;) - Apr 02 2011
Looks like you're going to have to let this go Sekter7... The video is a screen grab via plymouthx11... for testing purposes it displays on the desktop at a much lower res than the actual boot up... and then gets even lower when knocking it back out as an flv.. use some logic dude.. open one of the images from tar.gz and look at how it displays on your desktop... you'll notice the height to be 910 pixels.. Then do a little more reading on plymouth and ATI cards.. So sorry that it looks rough for you.. looks great on all machines I've tested on. - Jan 17 2011
Wish I could suggest what to do. I haven't had an ATI card in a Linux box for some years now due to having various issues with the fglrx drivers 3D and video playback. Promptly opened my wallet to NVidia and haven't looked back.

Hoping an ATI user downloading this theme may be kind enough to help out - Jan 16 2011
Just to double check.. You are using it as boot screen and not a wallpaper right? - Jan 15 2011
Not surprised in the slightest it looks rough at that resolution. Really was intended for the likes of 1280 x 1024 /VGA"795" modes. Can't see much reason to run a boot screen at such a high res.

I'll think about putting the Blender project file up at some point so you and others can have a go. - Jan 15 2011
Earth Sunrise Plymouth Theme

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Jan 09 2011
Half a sleep this end.. Thanks for the bringing to the attention of W8 dude ;) - Jan 14 2011
Thanks for the write-up. Most appreciated.

cheers to inameiname also ;) - Jan 14 2011
Thanks to all who have downloaded this Theme so far, and to all how have voted me up, and the kind words that have come my way.

I'm going to re-work the whole Theme when I get the chance to re-incorporate things that are missing, like the dialogue box for when the OS want to do the 27th boot Health check, (a little disconcerting at present when it sits there for 10 mins giving no clue to whats happening)

many thanks to all

Z - Jan 10 2011
Wish I could have it hosted on the Gnome-Look site, but 700k is the max you can leave on their server :(

I've added the 'inameiname' alternate mirror to the links aboves. Hope this works for you.


Z - Jan 09 2011
Cheers for the doing the deb package, will make it easier for most people to install, but 'the more we make these things idiot proof, the better idiot we make'. Just like I learned a lot from yours and other themes out there, I hope someone else learns a bit more about their linux OS from what I put out into this vast info-sphere of ours.

Surprised you can't see the difference with the startup. The change to the script was the animation for the ubuntu logo fade-in with secondary fade burst at about 80% progress. Obviously I added an alternate method for the background image aspect.

luv the original theme, but graphically it did nothing for me.


Z - Jan 09 2011
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Jan 09 2011
Score 73.5%
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