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peter xxx
going SuSE

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Oct 19 2006
OK, I've modified the image to fit your laptop's screen resolution, though I had to cut the image a little bit... - Feb 26 2007
It wasn't an incomplete element. It's because the overlaying pattern (the chameleon skin) is gray in this specific area.. Though, I've 'repaired' both blue and green images to your satisfaction. Enjoy...

PS: It's been a while since I did my last wallpaper. Maybe it's time for another nice lady wallpaper..:) - Feb 26 2007
1) yes, it is

3) This is the reason, why he should download wallpaper from the web browser - you can save the file where you want..
It's just a 2 or 3 mouseclicks more... - Jan 23 2007
1) there are five download links. If you look closer, only first one is compressed file for download. The others are links to external web sites. Unfortunately, this is the only way, how to upload several files to this server..

3) the wallpaper was downloaded nearly 9000 times, and i'm sure there where a lot of people, who had much less computer experiences than the computer scientist, you mentioned. Btw: i'm not sure if he really deserves his money, if this is such a problem for him..:) - Jan 22 2007
1) There are only 2 of the pictures, because there is a file size limitation of 750KB, when you're uploding any file for download.. The other (blue) versions are added through external links.. I hope there is nothing hard to click on the link and save the blue images from there..

2) the access rights of both files where updated to 644 for your satisfaction

3) you can't be serious with this sentence:

"so it is not possible to use these wallpapers without uncompressing the archive manually (too much for most users, they will just skip this and continue with the next wallpaper) "

I think, more easier it can't even be:
right click on the file->extract here - Jan 22 2007
:) She's Elisha Cuthbert - an actress - Dec 11 2006
You have it - Oct 19 2006
You have to try it! I'm using it about a week and its great. More comfortable tnan classic desktop when u get used to it... - Oct 16 2006
Finally the SuSE user:) How do you like XGL DM ? - Oct 16 2006
OK, both 1600x1200 images added in the single tar.bz2 download file. Enjoy. - Oct 16 2006
No, I can't manage how to upload multiple download files.
Gues I will have to reduce the quality of both pictures and pack them into one .tar file beacause there is a filesize limitation of 750KB. - Oct 14 2006
let's go green

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Jun 15 2006
There's only blue one currently for download. I need to add link to external source, but you can only click on the preview image and save it from there... - Dec 19 2006
Sorry, can't find the original image in grater size. I could resize it, but the quality would then go down... - Nov 06 2006
White SuSE

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Nov 08 2006
Where have I seen it ? :)) - Nov 17 2006
going SuSE

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Oct 20 2006
New wallpapers for Gentoo fans added, though without a sexy girl ;) - Nov 01 2006
I and my body

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Dec 27 2006
Could someone tell me, how to upload multiple files for download ? I've only managed to upload multiple previews but a single download file.
Thanks. - Oct 14 2006
Relax in the sun

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Jan 09 2009
Very nice ! But very simple to do as well (with Photoshop or other similar soft) :) - Sep 27 2006
K Curve

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Jun 01 2006
OK, thanks buddy. - Jun 04 2006
Dude, can U tell me, how to add multiple files for download... I managed to upload multiple snapshots, but only one Download file...
Thx - Jun 02 2006
Linux is attractive 1600x1200 version

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Jun 01 2006
Sure, "Alexis" for Linux heading,
"Futura Lt BT" for the rest..
- Jun 02 2006
it is not.... corrected - Jun 01 2006
Can U handle new KDE?

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Jun 01 2006
Try to rate this picture, not only download it, please. - Jun 01 2006
Sure, here it comes... - Jun 01 2006
Linux is attractive

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May 29 2006
OK, 1600x1200 version added in the wallpapers->1600x1200 section. - Jun 01 2006
Sure, 1600x1200 version is comming soon... - May 31 2006
Wow, 500 downloads in 24 hours, thanks. Does it mean, I should proceed with creating and uploading new wallpapers ? - May 30 2006
Nobody's saying she uses linux. She's just a sexy girl, isn't she ? And by the way, Evangeline is her real name, not Kate ;) - May 30 2006
Yes, she is kinda pretty. By the way, the same girl as in "sexy SuSE" walpaper. Tak a look ... - May 29 2006
Please rate this wallpaper. I'd like to have some feedback on my work.. - May 29 2006

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by btc
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Sep 01 2002
Dolpin is not a fish. It's a mammal. - May 29 2006
sexy SuSE

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May 28 2006
Thanks buddy, the gentoo wallpaper is comming soon .. - May 29 2006