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AnonYmouS (totally ?) , France
Win7 Multiuser

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Jul 02 2009
I did not have the time to work on mine, so thx for this job, it looks great - Jul 03 2009
Who Needs Windows 7 ?

Beryl/Emerald Themes 31 comments

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May 21 2009
OK then.
Do not hesitate to ask for anything which might help you.

good luck - Jun 14 2009

Apparently the MD5 hash of the file downloaded is 40dfdf22eea5b83d89bf18fc1129057b

What is yours ?
(to get it, for instance if the file FILE_NAME is in /home/user_name/desktop just open a terminal and enter this :
md5sum /home/user_name/desktop/FILE_NAME
- Jun 12 2009
(this PNG is home-made) - Jun 08 2009
A semi-transparent 48px hight PNG file, in this screenshot.

The issue is that when you set alpha-blur effets on with compiz, and tell the panel to have a picture background, and set the panel to transparency with compiz, the blur effect is weird : there is a copy of the background upon the png panel...

well I have made recently a better PNG file to use within a gtk theme, which is waaaaay better. To be release in an forthcoming GTK theme - Jun 08 2009
Mmh... why not, I'd say ?

...OK I will cheat on my therapy by beginning with you instead of my psychanalyst...
I just want to show that Linux CAN stand up to what most basic Windows users could say at first sight (well..what even I said on my time) : Buuuuaaahhh !! how ugly is it compared to Windows.. it must sucks.

The most effective way to get people to know your OS as any other product is to appeal them. Linux is so beaten in this battle, and it would be so unfair it remains like this.
Unfair not to say stupid. Lets break a taboo : YEAH, the appearance matters. - Jun 01 2009
OK forget my previous answer, I just needs some more sleep.

In fact you perfectly managed to install the theme, so if ever you are thinking about the blur effect, try to set on alpha-blur effect on in emerald (parameter independant from the theme) then turn on the compiz alpah blur on, choosing gaussian method. - May 29 2009
MMh... not sure how you manage to do this, quite weird.

Anyway, try these links :

    (dl page)

    (URL direct to *.emerald file)

    (same, through tinyurl)

  • - May 29 2009
    Fine I hope this will come in handy -- I've just reinstalled my Linux so for the while I dont have to much mess on my desk but this should change in no time :-) - May 24 2009
    First, in the Emerald parameters tab, set the "emerald blur effect" ("type de flous" in french version) to "every decoration" --I think it is like that, in fr. version it says "toutes les décorations"--

    Then in the Compiz settings, put on the Blur effects, by default it is applied on "any" window, and select "Gaussian blur". It should work fine then.

    Enjoy ! - May 22 2009
    I use clearlooks, but what you see on the screenshot is Firefox, with vista-aero skin available here
    I am not done yet with the fitting gtk theme (to come once I have done reading the full tuto :-p ) but NuevoXT icon set is naturally the one which would be right to use. - May 22 2009

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    May 29 2009
    You smart :-)
    for this trick, one + vote - Jun 05 2009
    Your desktop set me at peace :-)
    What are the gadget you use (bottom toolbar and screen-sided indicators) ?

    Thx for your work and your answers ^_^ - Jun 02 2009
    Aero reflect effect for Compiz

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    May 29 2009
    Yeah, do not hesitate to do so.

    But only if you upload some coins in there --> ||.
    My connection must be low, 'cause I've not got anything yet. :,-( - Jun 02 2009
    Well, I must have unvolontarily omitted it, but each comment wouldnt be free neither.

    So please insert coins here --> || - Jun 01 2009
    Who Needs Windows 7 ? (screenshot)

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    May 26 2009
    And since, as every geek people know, Linux is way above MS Win.x as an OS, the only reason one will want W7 is its so nice visual theme.. won't they ?

    This was the troll of the day. - Jun 01 2009
    Who Needs Windows 7 ? (GDM)

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    May 29 2009
    VO :

    Yeah I think about it (no so much in fact, since I am a poor lonesome user)
    But sure it'll be better (and the frame is to be reviewed too), so I'll take your request into account.

    VF :

    Je pense que tu as compris :-) - Jun 01 2009
    Simple Blue Ubuntu Start Button

    Various Gnome Stuff 3 comments

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    Jul 31 2008

    Moomex gtk style if I remember well (customized it a lot... much more my own hybrid theme now) - Jul 31 2008
    Vista-Like Glassy & Glow

    Beryl/Emerald Themes 7 comments

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    Jun 25 2008
    Hi, back home.

    My compiz version : 1:0.7.4-0ubuntu7
    My Emerald theme manager version : 0.7.2-0ubuntu2

    I've just tested the file, it should work.
    On which distro are you ?

    ++ - Jul 22 2008
    Hi, what are your error messages, if any ?
    First you "un-targz" the archive, then you got a .emerald file... did it work right ?

    If not, I will check this evening --I am at office right now-- my version of emerald theme manager in order to test it and tell you my versions.

    Do not hesitate to browse the Ubuntu forums (Ubuntu is my distro, 8.04 Hardy) - Jul 22 2008

    the firefox theme is Aquatint Redone.

    - Jun 25 2008
    Deep Blue

    Gnome Screenshots 6 comments

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    Jul 16 2008
    It's just another Sidebar screenlet, left-aligned, Dock-themed, with some launchers above it.

    adesklets works pretty bad on my PC (dunno why), and so having a fine "StarDock / RocketDock"-like dock bar with 'yab' is not for me (sob)

    I am looking forward AWN to allow multiple and freely alignable instances...

    (maybe already ? :-) - Jul 17 2008

    wallpaper from this address :

    Credits go to Peter Bide Cui (

    Wallpaper idea from "Futurist Desktop" by gamemaniac ( - Jul 16 2008
    Black Glass Menu Button

    Various Gnome Stuff 2 comments

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    Jul 01 2008
    English version : ------------

    When you right-clic on the task bar (the panel), you got "add to this panel..." and then you have many applet features among which you find two kind of "Menu", the second is the right one, with only one button)

    French version : --------------

    Quand tu fais clic droit sur la barre des tâche ('le panneau'), tu as un sous menu "ajouter au panneau..." et après un choix d'applet parmis lesquels deux "menus". Le second c'est le menu "simple", avec un seul bouton - Jul 02 2008
    Mint Menu Button

    Cliparts 3 comments

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    Jun 26 2008
    OK forget, it, found. Thx for the button by the way :-) - Jun 26 2008
    How do I change the menu button ? - Jun 26 2008