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zequi iuquez , Argentina

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Sep 05 2017
Wow, I'm an idiot.
After reading the title of your post I thought you were asking if you can execute the script without clicking it or something... - Apr 06 2014
Well, the original script is called VLSub...

About your question, I have no idea. I don't really know how to code, all I did was to read the contents of the script until I kinda understood how to do what I wanted to accomplish (Click the "download" button automatically, then click the "close" button, exebetche helped me to select the first result)

If I have to guess, it can't be done (at least not from the script itself)

Sorry about the shitty english - Apr 06 2014

That's a modified version of vlsub I made a while ago (with some help from exebetche) that downloads the first hash result.
Doesn't work very well, though. It closes if it doesn't find any hash results... You'll still find it very useful but you need to use both versions, if this one fails you open the original vlsub.
I can assure you, you're going to use this version way more than the original one
Good luck.
- Nov 13 2013
Coolest dev ever!!!
Works like a charm, thanks! - May 13 2013
Is there a way to automatically select the first subtitle result?
I'm trying to make a secondary "lua" file that does everything automatically by modifying the " activate " function. The thing is... I have no idea how to do these kind of things.
All I guessed so far was to add:

(this is the line I'm missing)

after collectgarbage(), and I'm stuck because I don't know how to select a result.

I want to have something like this because like 80% of the times the first hash result is the right one, and if it fails then I can use the unmodified script.

Thanks for your time. - May 13 2013
I'm really glad to hear that. Congrats!!
Everything works and looks great.

All I can think of right now is if you can make it remember the last selected language ( I edited my default language manually but I don't know how many people know how to do that). Also, something I said in a previous comment: Search subtitles by hash (witch is the one that gives the best results)automatically when you open Vlsub (I also edited mine to do this) - Apr 26 2013
Although it doesn't give that error at the start, the zip file is still not being deleted.

This time it gave me this new error:

main error: subpicture heap full (That line repeats more than a hundred times)
- Apr 25 2013
It gives me this error right after I launch the extension.

lua error: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Here's the whole debug.

Totally my pleasure to help, don't hesitate to ask me anything else.
- Apr 25 2013
Sorry, me again.
It seem like this version stopped auto deleting the zip files after extraction.
I really like the new interface.

Windows 7 32
Vlc 2.0.6 - Apr 25 2013
My bad, thanks exebetche. - Apr 25 2013
I would love to know what's new... - Apr 25 2013
Sorry... no idea. - Feb 21 2013
Couple of things:

First of all, the folder should be called "extensions", not "extension"

And second, after you click "download" hurry up and right click "click here" to download the real file. - Feb 19 2013
Forget the whole thing, I don't know how but I did it!!! - Feb 13 2013
First of all, your plugin is fucking awesome!!!

I don't know how to code but I've been editing your plugin to set English for my default language. Now... Is there a way to automatically show the search results without the need to click the "go" button? I don't want to remove the button, just not have to click it when I first launch VLSub.
Thanks for your time. - Feb 12 2013

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