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Alejandro Amaral
Google is your friend
How to customize your desktop (extra themes):
Roboto font:
Happy customizing! - Jun 30 2014
lol wut?
The icon theme is now packaged in v1.1. The screenshot is for version 1.0 and yes, the theme is not look like the screenshot, it looks better!. All of the components are free (as in free beer XD) and open source...
OS icons: Numix-Circle (free)
Plank theme: LightPanel (free)
Wingpanel icons: Modded Faba-Dark (free)
The only thing not free is the font Helvetica Neue, but you can replace it with the excellent google font Roboto, anyway you can get the other font in any pirate bay... cof, cof...
Enjoy! - Jun 30 2014
Soon :3 - Jun 24 2014