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dallis brockway
Gnome Matrix Wallpaper

Wallpapers Gnome by thegrandtop 6 comments

Buddy, 247,691 people can't be wrong. - Aug 15 2007
H-K Suite (Blue) Gtk Theme

GTK2 Themes by nightowl44 4 comments

This theme is much better than the red one, in my opinion. Have you thought of making the selected item in the window list glow blue? - Aug 15 2007
H-K Suite Installer

Various Gnome Stuff by Embrace 31 comments

That... is really bad for the eyes... except for the Now Playing theme. That one's not too bad.

Installer works fine, though. - Aug 15 2007
Gnome Media Panel Icons

Various Gnome Stuff by audax321 12 comments

You've taught me an entirely new way to execute commands.

*opens up the GIMP. - Aug 11 2007
Snowish GFXBoot Theme

GRUB Themes by footissimo 2 comments

I almost killed my self getting this program installed, but it finally worked, and now when I boot up(If I ever need to shut down) I'll be greeted by your beautiful theme. Truly amazing work. - Aug 11 2007

GDM Themes by ateam 12 comments

I love this login window. It had to be the best one I've ever seen, other O.S.'s included.


By the way, can you make other login windows liike this(I.E, anime-type login windows)? - Apr 30 2007
Usplash ubuntuclub2

Usplash Themes by gumara 2 comments

Yeah. Just add a little SUMthing... - Apr 30 2007