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Oleg Trishchuk , Ukraine
XSplash Background Settings

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Jan 25 2010
I just tried some another methods, and run works fine for me:

zetty@nirvana:~$ whoami
zetty@nirvana:~$ python -c "import gksu2;'whoami')"
root - Feb 02 2010
zetty@nirvana:~$ python -c "import gksu2;ctx = gksu2.Context();ctx.set_command('echo \$USER');gksu2.su_full(ctx)"
zetty@nirvana:~$ sudo python -c "import gksu2;ctx = gksu2.Context();ctx.set_command('echo \$USER');gksu2.su_full(ctx)"
[sudo] password for zetty:

Don't know why, but seems like gksu2 is not working.
What else can i do to help you?
Maybe, something with versions?
python-gksu2 - 2.25.3-3ubuntu1
python-gtk2 - 2.16.0-0ubuntu1
python - 2.6.4-0ubuntu1 - Feb 01 2010
Hello! Thanks for useful program!
I used the last version from PPA repository (1.6.1-1) with my Ubuntu 9.10 (kernel 2.6.31-17-generic-pae #54) and experienced some problems.

After install and reboot, when i run
zetty@nirvana:~$ xsplash-background-settings --settings
i get password prompt, and then error -

Failed to backup default background
Change settings at your OWN RISK!

Changing options in program did not affect anything, nothing outputted to terminal.
But, when executed with sudo:
zetty@nirvana:~$ sudo xsplash-background-settings --settings

Background is changing successfully.

After that i tried without sudo again:
zetty@nirvana:~$ xsplash-background-settings --settings

Password prompt, no errors, but... bg.jpg is still the same.

I think that something gone wrong with gksu2, but i don't know how to test it.

By the way, XSplash background is changed when i toggle radiobuttons, but not when i clicking the 'OK', it's making the 'Close' button a bit useless.
It would be nice if you can add 'Test' button, so user could see new xsplash without typing sudo xsplash in terminal :)

If you are interested in translations, here's Russian .po: - Feb 01 2010