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GTK2 Themes by AresRog 4 comments

Whoops, two of those concerns (glaucous and off-white panel color) were caused by mixing-and-matching themes with Industrial. It looks like I'm still getting the hang of this. - Jun 10 2012

GTK2 Themes by AresRog 4 comments

I know you are already working on a new version, but here is some feedback for (opinions on) the old version anyway. :)

The contrast in the titlebar for inactive windows is far too low. Dark-grey on darker-grey is not suitable, especially coupled with viewing angle issues on almost every non-professional screen (including all laptop screens). On my lenovo thinkpad matte screen, there is a viewing angle less than 5 degrees from perpendicular at which the title color is indistinguishable from text color. At that angle, the title blends in so perfectly that a user would never be able to find it unless he knew where it was beforehand.
The glaucous titlebar color for active windows is slightly dirty and ought to be changed to a slightly cleaner blue color. But it's not significant.
The panels' off-white color is white enough that white window contents are occasionally indistinguishable from panel background. The off-white should be slightly darker to provide a more immediate contrast, which is easier on the user's eyes.
The three buttons in the top right (hide maximize close) are frequently used, so in accordance with their importance (Fitt's Law) they ought to be a little bigger. Also, their color is only very slightly different from the titlebar color, which is undesirable - either they should be clearly a different color, or the same color. Personally I favor more contrast, to provide a better visual target. - Jun 10 2012