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GNU's Not Usable

Wallpaper Other by antignu1 13 comments

I think we all should be able to laugh at ourselves. Having tried many distro's there are times you feel like a little humor is needed with some of the minor mistakes. It's sort of like during my days of programming when a buddy of mine wrote a lable writer instead of a label writer. It didn't hurt any one, it did the job, but several users commented on the intelligence of the developer. - Dec 18 2004
Break Away from Windows

Wallpapers Windows by cmost 3 comments

I think your idea is just fine. It's a great humorous difference between Windows and Linux. - Oct 25 2004
Broken Windows (updated)

Wallpapers Windows by cmost 5 comments

Glad to see some one take the idea that I had and do some thing different with it. You took a different approach from what I was thinking, but that's what is great about the GPL. I like what you've done and it's still unique. - Oct 19 2004