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Karamba & Superkaramba 35 comments

by zlabs
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Jun 22 2006
.. and of course ..
thank you ! - Jun 22 2006
I have updated the theme with the url you have suggested and I have removed the image post-precessing in, in order to make the theme less dependent from the image format.

Fabrizio - Jun 22 2006
Are u sure to have superkaramba 0.39 ?
it seems that your karamba does not understand the "getPrettyThemeName" python call, try to replace the line with
themename = karamba.getPrettyThemeName(widget)
themename = "meteosat" - Mar 30 2006
I am working on high cpu usage problem,stay tuned - Sep 23 2005
I haven't yet used the grabimage theme with multiple images like you, maybe the image is not available when the time (tc variable) goes to 0 ?
Or the image fetch times is different so the various instances goes out of sync ?
I think to make a modification to the next version, so a single istance can load multiple image.
obviously the name of the theme will change from grabimage to .. grabimages ! - Jun 14 2005
Thanks for the suggestions,
I planned to insert a configuration menu from version 0.3 that permits the full customization of the theme (times, urls,stored frames,etc)
Stay tuned ! - Jun 14 2005
If you dont' need image processing, try this one. - Jun 14 2005