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Sep 05 2017
10 the best - Jan 16 2020
Ok found it - requires the very latest youtube.lua listed above under "Troubleshooting". Now everything works again! - Jan 14 2020

Worked perfectly for some time but since a few weeks the addon skips items in a playlist. Example: The first three songs briefly show with their picture in the media information part of the playlist GUI but VLC immediately jumps to the next one and then starts playing the fourth. Same happens for most of the playlists which were working 100% OK a few weeks back.

My version is the addon + fix from hackpro.

Can someone please confirm and have a look whats causing this? Many Thanks! - Jan 14 2020
Youtube playlist

VLC Playlist Parsers
by exebetche

Score 85.8%
10   Jan 16 2020
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