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Ross Larson
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id icon pack

Icon Sub-Sets by bobmoser 7 comments

A puzzle pirates icon would be nice. - Nov 17 2007
Blue Sphere

Wallpaper Other by Zooot 3 comments

Done. Now, you can also get Red, Green, and Black.



- Nov 11 2007
Kubuntu DVD/CD Cover

CD/DVD Labels by gianluca1985 11 comments

It looks like the cover that was uploaded is for kubuntu 6.10, and the preview is for kubuntu 7.04 -- not sure why, though. - Jul 04 2007
more fun with gradients

Wallpaper Other by Zooot 2 comments

- Jun 27 2007

Wallpaper Other by maniaco 2 comments

I made a blue version of your wallpaper. Does your license allow me to post it on kde-look? It would be freely available to anyone who wants it. - Jun 24 2007