Icon Sub-Sets by saibaneko 48 comments

It would be better without the f*ckin' hammer & sickle and the redstar shit.In this style it's really barf-out... - Jun 09 2007
Panorama from "Visegrád"

Wallpaper Other by vakeger 2 comments

Na vegre egy magyar! Nagyon jo a kep!

(At long last, a Hungarian! Great picture!) - May 19 2007
HDR my best friend

Wallpaper Other by Linuxtal 1 comment

Nice doggy! :) - May 18 2007
Hungary gkrellm2 theme

GKrellM by zuhi 3 comments

The blazon on the see it? - May 09 2007

Wallpaper Other by zuhi 3 comments

and? - Mar 31 2007
Blue Start Button

Various Gnome Stuff by myusername 7 comments

This is great!

How can I change this in my Debian Etch?
Do you have a solution?

Many thanks! - Mar 21 2007
Kernel panic (panic.c by ritus)

Wallpaper Other by zuhi 2 comments

Hulye picsa vagy, az a helyzet. - Mar 19 2007
Communist Victory

GDM Themes by Potemkin 68 comments

Yes,I see, but the sickle and the hammer has no contact with gnome, and communism let alone... - Mar 05 2007
Communist Victory

GDM Themes by Potemkin 68 comments

I'm still trying to figure out what this has to do with GNOME. - Mar 05 2007
Vista Impossible

Cliparts by BlackStone 34 comments

Yeah! Great work! I will print it, and stick it on my Chieftec case!!! Really! It's GREAT!!!! Cheer up! - Feb 24 2007
We Need It

Wallpaper Other by joetommany 4 comments

Red star is barf-out! Why is this good for you????? - Sep 27 2006

Wallpapers Ubuntu by skykhan 2 comments

Very beautiful & nice wallpaper! :) - Aug 11 2006

Wallpaper Other by Linuxtal 2 comments

Hey man, that's a nice background for my Ubuntu Linux, thanks! ^_^ - Apr 30 2006