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Javier Ruiz ViƱa del Mar, Chile
Night Impression

GTK2 Themes by jbaer 5 comments

Really good theme. I would suggest to change the background selected element to a more neutral color, instead of the dark orange something like a gray.

But in overall is a very good work. Thank you. - Oct 01 2009
Flatbed Cursors

Cursors by jlue 34 comments

Simple, pretty, stylish, got everything.

Thanx very much for the addition =) - Jun 18 2009

Cursors by KuduK 1 comment

Pretty good. You could release them in different colors and a little bit of small and they would look neat.

Thanks for this release though. =) - May 31 2009

GTK2 Themes by paraboy 8 comments

Indeed, this on of the few dark themes that is read-friendly with the eyes.

Thanks very much for a very good work. - May 24 2009
Matlab icon

Icon Sub-Sets by carlojekko 3 comments

Excellent work. Thanks very much. But I have a doubt about the link, is it working?, because I tried to download via the link but it did not work.

Please give it a check if I am correct.

Salutations. - Apr 01 2009
Wood Panels 2

Various Gnome Stuff by eitreach 3 comments

aha, thank you for the explanation =) - Dec 10 2008
Wood Panels 2

Various Gnome Stuff by eitreach 3 comments

First of all thank you for the addition =), it will be appreciated.

My questions is:

Within the .zip there are several images. One can use any of those images as panel or is there a more "technical" method to install the panels?

- Dec 07 2008
Vienna 3

Cursors by sour 39 comments

One of the best mouse themes that I've seen.

A release in red would be genius =).

Thanks. - Nov 24 2008
Debian Love

GDM Themes by green-linux 1 comment

Nice job, the combination of the images is great, and conserves the proper touch of harmony. I liked too that you used blue spectrum for the images, you could release this one in violet too, it would look great, I think.

Only as a suggestion, for a later release you could add the session, language & shutdown buttons only for functionality.

Again, great job, and thanks =) - Nov 23 2008

GTK2 Themes
by paraboy

May 24 2009